How to Play Darts

Playing darts usually means a game in which each leg is won by the first player to score 501 exactly, but it is possible to reduce this to 301 if all players agree. Players throw their set of three darts at the board and add up the total. Each bed has a different score which is numbered between one and twenty. In addition, the outer ring of the board means a score in that bed is worth double. There is also an inner ring which is worth treble. So, for example, if a player throws one dart in the twenty bed, one in the double one section and one in the treble five section, their total score for that turn would be (1x20)+(2x1)+(3x5)=37. This score is subtracted from the aforementioned 501 to give the player's overall score. Play continues until a player approaches zero, when they can checkout, or win the leg.

Tactics and Scoring in Darts

When two players are taking part in a game, they score at the end of each set of three throws at the board, giving the player to throw first a slight advantage. In addition to the ways to score already mentioned, there is a bullseye. The outer ring of the bull is worth 25 points, but the inner section is considered to be a double score, just like the outer ring, thus it is worth 50 points. Many players aim at the twenty bed because this offers the highest scores, but it lies next to one and five, so accuracy is needed.

Darts Finishes

In order to win a leg of darts, a player must get their score to exactly zero. If they go beyond, then they have bust and must throw again on their next turn. In addition, the final throw of the dart must score as a double, so their score must always be an even number. In a combination of three darts, this makes for a vast number of darts finishes that are possible. In order to throw finishing scores, or darts checkouts as they are known, players can find that a darts calculator is helpful, so that they know the best place to aim. For example, where a darts checkouts score is high, such as 170, the calculator will specify that the player must throw treble 20, treble 20 and bull to win.

Improving Your Game

Play more than one leg at a time. Many matches are made up of multiple legs. Players should alternate who 'has the darts' or is first to throw. Stand sideways on to the board, extending the throwing arm out without overbalancing. Try aiming for different beds to improve your ability to finish on doubles and checkout.